Lulu Simone Gottlieb Put on Your Diamonds
and dance with Lulu

We invited dancer Lulu Simone Gottlieb to be a part of the #JLSquad and share what a day in her life looks like. Lulu is a sophomore in high school and currently studies dance with the Kanyok Arts Initiative. She took us through three beautiful routines including jazz, hip hop and interpretive dance, all while dawning some of her favorite JL Rocks gems. Be sure to follow Lulu on instagram @lulusimonegottlieb to watch her dance journey, she is a star in the making.

Collage of Lulu Simone Gottlieb

Watch Lulu dance in JL Rocks

Lulu Simone Gottlieb on Instagram @jlrocksjewelry

Video: Renan Barraso
Photo: Heather Desmond
Creative Direction: Found Agency
Graphics: Kenkel Design
Venue: Studio Gibney Dance Studio