Hilary Hoffman of The Soto Method wearing JL Rocks jewelry

Fitness enthusiast Hilary Hoffman left a successful career in the finance industry to found The SOTO Method, her proprietary workout regimen combining isometric holds with pulsating movements. She admits that the pivot wasn’t a carefully planned career move, but a necessity: “This method is something that I have been practicing myself for years, and over time, it became clear that the program is powerful enough to serve a larger community,” she says.

The Fitness

“Physical strength starts with believing four words:
‘I can do this.’”

– Hilary Hoffman, The Soto Method

Hoffman officially launched SOTO in July and she explains how her business is the reflection of capitalizing on every learning opportunity during her time on Wall Street: "SOTO is the culmination of showing up every single day at my job before I became my own boss. I took advantage of every opportunity to grow my soft and hard-skills and translate my learnings into action. Not only was I able to grow as a leader, but I was able to design SOTO to reflect my reality — I was the teacher and the client. And as the client, I wanted efficiency and intentionality in my workout."

“The building of the true and beautiful means the destruction of the good enough. […] Our next life will always cost us this one. If we are truly alive, we are constantly losing who we just were, what we just built, what we just believed, what we just knew to be true.”

– Glennon Doyle, Untamed


Since every workout look should be finished with jewelry, she turns to JL Rocks for everyday pieces, including a circle ring, snake ring, and necklace she never takes off, received as gifts from family over the years. She completes the look with TK earrings gifted to herself.

The wild thing is that my 18-year-old ring looks just as perfect as the necklace that is a year old, Hoffman adds. That’s the thing about JL Rocks, not only is every single detail timeless, but pieces last forever.

A Conscious

Hoffman also demands intentionality in her workout wear. The Urbody compression top is a foundational piece of her wardrobe, and can be seen in action during countless SOTO classes. I love everything about the company Urbody, she adds. Co-founded by both a friend and client of SOTO, Urbody is a gender-affirming underwear and body-wear brand for the human being. For bottoms, she loves Splits59 and Nike Pro for flattering and functional leggings.

to a Crisis

The day S.B. 8 went into full effect, one of my deepest fears materialized in real-time, Hoffman recalls. Women in Texas lost their agency and simply put, there is nothing more devastating than the reversal of progress.

After researching ways to help, SOTO hosted a live virtual class on September 6, with proceeds benefitting The Lilith Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance and emotional support while building community spaces for people who need abortions in Texas, specifically.

Power of
Your Agency

In a SOTO class, you will be reminded to stay in the ‘can’ mindset time and time again, Hoffman explains. Physical strength starts with believing four words: ‘I can do this.’ And the beautiful thing is, once you complete a core, lunge, squat, or arm series, you walk away with an understanding of what mental fortitude looks like in physical form.

She calls this the power of your agency, exactly what was lost by women in Texas. SOTO will continue to support and give back to The Lilith Fund until the right of all Texans to make their own reproductive choices is restored, Hoffman declares.

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